21 4 / 2014

From Warren Ellis’ run on Hellblazer

17 4 / 2014

Wrote, essentially, a piece on how Republic of Thieves didn’t fuck it up, and why that is notable.  Worth the read even if you’re not a fan of the Gentleman Bastards series (and why aren’t you?)

17 4 / 2014

By the way, there’s cash prizes.

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For the last few days I’ve been unable* to escape the heated discussion about an op-ed that appeared in the New York Times about poptimism, and why it’s bad. Whatever salient points the author may have had are obscured by a bunch of easily deflated arguments, so I won’t go into it. But there’s…

And this is all to say nothing of some of the really complex, fascinating pop not cracking the top 40.  Then again I’m the jackass who uses pop to mean ‘not jazz and not classical and made in the past hundred years or so,’ so what do I know.

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The title’s a little hyperbolic.  But this is stuff that needs to be said—it needed to be said to the book fans before there was a show, and it needs to be said now.

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05 4 / 2014

—Odo’s probably the most interesting character to me thus far.  I know the ‘only one of his kind’ trope is kind of a cliche, but they’re selling it for me.  And René Auberjonois’ acting is just stellar.

—Duet was head and shoulders above the season as a whole.  And I liked the season as a whole.  Harris Yulin gave a great performance, and the whole thing was as dark as the subject matter deserved.

—Nana Visitor’s acting as Kira is some of the more stilted, thus far.  Which is a shame, because Kira’s very interesting.

—I want to punch Julian Bashir right in his not-taking-no-for-an-answer face.  I know he’s supposed to be charmingly awkward, but he comes off as incredibly skeezy.  Like early Wesley Wyndham-Price (that’s Buffy and Angel, just in case) but way worse.  Ick.  I’m not even calling him Doctor.

—Dax has gotten N-O-T-H-I-N-G to do.  All I want is explorations of how Trill do identity, especially gender.  (This is not actually all I want).  But the only Dax  episode so far was really a Sisko ep.

—I don’t hate the Nog/Jake plots.  I just am baffled at the target audience for them.

—This has been my first experience with the Ferengi.  And they’re not compelling.  Just alien.  And silly.

—O’brien’s my other favorite character.  No reason, really, I just like the guy.

—I love how frustrating the tech on the station is.  Makes the place feel very lived-in.

—I hear Season 1 is rough.  So I expect to really like this series.

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Hey kids, I’m going to be heading up a panel this friday, March 28th, at 11 AM at Emerald City Comic Con.  It’ll be called Bat-Dad and Orphan, and basically it’ll be about how the loose confederation of bat-heroes are one big family.  I’ve specifically isolated the Alfred-Batman relationship and the Batman-sidekick relationships.  And we will be talking about Oracle and the other Batgirls, just in case you thought we were leaving out some of the most interesting people in Gotham (I’m talking Cassandra Cain, here, people).

The official description of the ECCC panels is here.

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I often think about how the war could have affected all of the characters, like

  • Hermione keeping a nightlight next to her bed at night because the war has caused her to fear darkness and what lurks in the shadows.
  • Narcissa clutching Lucius to her chest as he jerks…

When you think about it even a little, most (genre) fictional characters would have some degree of PTSD or similar situations.  Especially the kids in HP.  They were children, at school, for heaven’s sake.

23 3 / 2014

Am on a rewatch of Farscape, and I’ve gotta say, this is a show that understands that these characters have been through some heavy shit, and are still going through it.  I just finished ‘Back and Back and Back to the Future,’ and it’s kinda refreshing for the show to acknowledge how traumatic and disorienting it is to experience your own death in that unstuck-in-time way.  The Crichton-goes-crazy episodes are really helped by Ben Browder’s real commitment to play genuinely unwell, not stage-crazy.  Also, Zhaan is a total social worker in these early episodes.